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There will be a new show room in Stabia Main Port dedicated to the most ancient rope making of Italy, created in Castellam- mare di Stabia back in 1796 from King Ferdi- nando IV of Bourbon in order to support – at the time – the Royal Bourbon Shipyard, built in 1733, which is nowadays site of Fincantieri.

The string making company of Castellam- mare di Stabia managed to stand out immediately for the quality of its products and for the accuracy of manufacturing. Its technological progress together with the entrance to the Royal Navy Institution contributed to an increasing development, with a consequent expansion of the preexisting structures and the implementation of technologically advanced equipment: the cables and the canvas manufactures produced by the string makers were able to distinguish themselves in Italy and abroad.

After 1920, the Royal Shipyard became the Establishment of Work and String Making of the Royal Navy. Today, Stabia Main Port – destination of the most important Mega yachts – has the honour to host the first international show room of the ancient Corderia and to promote, within the yachting field, the mar- keting of these products, which owe their exclusivity to the utilisation of raw materials, type of technologies adopted and high qualifications supplied.